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household humidifier

  • Portable high pressure misting  system
  • Portable high pressure misting  system
Portable high pressure misting  systemPortable high pressure misting  system

Portable high pressure misting system

  • Modell:WY-H02
  • spraying volume :0.2L/min
  • nozzle;6 pieces
  • Droplet size :3-10μm
  • Product description:

The misting pump can be applied for various functions, such as cooling ,humidfying, landscaping dedusting, lowering the temperature ,especiallly for chemical spraying and seed raising in the field of Agriculture. The following is the distinguishing feature of the misting system.

Moist fog: The high pressure misting system can produce 5 billion droplets. the thread of the drop is 3~10um,which  looks  like mist covering mountain, forming water vapor and  targeting the excellent humidification and cooling effect .

Energy saving: Misting one kilogram water just need 6w electrical energy ,which consumes only 1/100 of the traditional electric steam humidifier or the 1/10 of the centrifugal humididfier.

Reliability: The high misting pump apply the newest technology into the process of producing . It can work for 24 hours sustainablely without destorying other parts like the misting nozzles ,fittings,and pipes,even in the air environment of high concentrations of dust.

Environment health: The high pressure misting system use the non-circulatiuon water so that there is no threat of  the reproduction of bacteria.

Volume spraying: high  sprayer distribution and easily adjustable.

Why choose this fog machine?

  1. Mini size, easy to take away

  2. Low power consumption, no extra cost

  3. Easy to installation and maintenance, plug and play

  4. Supply the best cool feeling for summer and beautiful decorative.

  5. Voltage transfer, 110v/220v to 24V, so it is suitable all voltage and frequency

  6. Self-checking and diagnose




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